Prac… Prac.. and more Prac

15 days of prac…

I’ve found out what school I’m at and that I’m in Grade 4. I’m excited to say that I have one official mentor that will complete all my paperwork but in actual fact I have multiple mentors because all Grade 4 teachers at the school have said that I’m welcome to be in their classes, whether it be to teach or just to observe, because they all believe that it will be beneficial to see the same content taught in various ways and the use of various teaching styles for the same age group. It’s going to be a fantastic experience.

I get to meet my mentor tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, where we’ll go over times I’m expected to be at school, subjects I get to teach (hopefully I’ll get a couple of things in my comfort zone and a couple outside of my comfort zone as well). Plus we will go through the subject expectations, including the use of ICTs to enhance the teaching and learning experiences in the class.

Unfortunately, I won’t get a chance to meet the kids officially until I start on Monday morning. I’m uncertain if I want to do an introductory activity with them where they can learn about me and I can learn about them or whether to just learn who they are and how they learn as I go…

I will think about this over the weekend and hopefully get some planning done (depending on how far we go with our meeting tomorrow)..

Eeek… Just a little excited.

Enjoy your night.
14 May, 2015


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